Top 10 Things the Original Star Wars Trilogy Did Wrong


  1. You use a lot of prequel knowledge to criticize them. Vader didn't know Owen in the originals. Red lightsabers weren't a sith thing in the originals, as there were three guys with three different-colored lightsabers in the originals - EU and the prequels made it mandatory for every sith to have a red lightsaber. Stormtroopers obviously weren't clones in the originals, due to size and personality variations.

    These are all faults of the prequels.

    The most retarded things in the originals are the ewoks and the exhaust port and the rebuilding of the Death Star: I hate the ewoks, the exhaust port could have been covered with a grill, and the power to blow up planets doesn't make much sense to begin with let alone repeating the same stupid project while you could just build 100 destroyers for the same price.

  2. This video you did was freaking awesome and you made some Fantastic points. Not to be picky or anything, but I think I found some reasons to some of your points in your video. I still like it, nevertheless.

    Why the Death Star had a hole? I think the hole was an exhaust port for ventilation system. If they blocked it up, I'm pretty sure it would have blown up and exploded. And I think Darth Vader or the Emperor never expected any fighters to get through their defenses.

    Why did the rebels fly straight towards the Star Destroyers on Hoth? The planet was actual surrounded. That was just a background mistake.

    Why Chewbacca didn't get a medal? He eventually did get his medal in a comic. The reason why he didn't get one in the movie because he was too tall for Leia to put it around him. And I have no idea why he couldn't just kneel down, though some people think it's because it would have made it look like their was some kind of bias against different species in the Star Wars Universe.

    Why didn't those two guys in Mos Eisley Cantina like Luke? On the expanded universe, they were trying to pick a fight with him.

    Why didn't they reshoot the scene of the Stormtrooper whacking his head against the door? George Lucas didn't actually realize until the movie was out. But he decided to make it into a joke. He added a sound effect to the scene when the Stormtrooper bumped his head, and even had Jango Fett bump his head on Slave 1 in Episode 2 as a tribute.

    Also, Boba Fett didn't actual die when he was knocked into the pit. He survived.


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